Pacific Pine Running Co.'s Manning Park Retreat

Manning Park is a magical place. Beautiful trails, natural campgrounds, EPIC mountain views, and delicate alpine flowers are just some of the sights you'll see while visiting. With it so close to the Fraser Valley, we feel extremely lucky to have this vast park to run, ski, hike, and play in so close to home!


The two of us have spent a lot of time as friends on the trails in this park and we thought that there couldn't be a better place to share our love of running, the outdoors, and hardcore adventures than Manning Park. And so, we got to planning. 

With such a vast trail network to choose from, we decided to go with VIEWS! We chose the 35 km Windy Joe to Frosty loop as our long run and despite the smoke from a local forest fire, ended up seeing some blue sky! 

IMG_1467 (1).JPG
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Photo taken by Hollie Holden

Photo taken by Hollie Holden

What makes this 35 km loop so special is the crazy change in terrain in such a short distance. You ascend up an old access road to the Windy Joe hut, groove through single track amongst gorgeous trees, ridge run on some epic rocky slopes, and head back to the lake through a phenomenal larch forest (where the larches are approx. 2000 years old)!!

These two were happy about it, anyway ;)


What made this event truly special was the wicked trail crew who joined us! Connections made in the forest, away from the hubbub of daily life, allowed us to get to know each other, sweat together, and make deep connections. We learned about adventure planning and ultra racing tips from Alicia Woodside and Claire Johnstone from CLIFF, we ate amazing food, and plain and simply enjoyed each others company!

Photo by Hollie Holden

Photo by Hollie Holden

 *** We are so thankful to those who joined us and to our sponsors! ***

THANK YOU CLIFF, Herbalife 24, Old Yale Brewing, Local Harvest Market, Mt. Waddington's, The Habit Project, Kintec, Valhalla Pure Outfitters, and Silver Hills Bakery for your kind and heartfelt contributions and for helping us make this event come to life!

ALL Photos in the slideshow above were taken by Matt Bolam (aka @yota_ventures on Insta)