We are Jenny and Katrina, a passionate and competitive duo who aim to get people of all levels on the trails moving physically and mentally towards their goals. We founded Pacific Pine Running Co. to create the only coaching and running adventure company south of the Fraser River that is focused on offering activities that build and grow the local trail running community.  We offer many opportunities, from personalized training plans & long term individual coaching to evening workshops and multi-day retreats. Our programs are designed to ensure that each athlete has a rewarding experience and reaches their full potential.

Photo taken by  Scott Robarts

Photo taken by Scott Robarts


Our story starts in the fall of 2016. While the two of us were out on a trail run with the Abbotsford Trail Running Club, Jenny spat to the side, like any polite trail runner would, and with the wind that stringy mucous flew behind her right into Katrina's cheek. We had a good laugh about that, and from that day on, noticed that when we ran in groups, we seemed to run together.  Over the months since then, we've become close friends, sharing race days with one another, crewing races for each other, training with each other, and sharing big life goals that led us to this business endeavour. Trail running is our shared passion, something we like to do together and on our own, but what we love most is being able to share our experiences with others and help people acheive their goals.



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Jenny Quilty

I was born and raised on the west coast in Abbotsford, BC. Having briefly lived and ran in Alberta during my bachelors of Physical Education and Recreation I was happy to return to British Columbia to complete my Masters of Occupational Therapy. Running got me through school as a form of stress relief and community engagement.

Since finishing school I have taken my running further completing various half marathons, short and middle distance trail races, and ultra marathons. Further, I have become more competitive in my racing and trained to for improving my distances, speed, and strength.

I look forward to working with runners who need support to determine the right steps to take towards their goals. I love merging experiential and scientific based knowledge to find the right approach to training and routinely use weekly goal setting as check points to keep training motivating and on track.


Katrina Abram

I am an Ontario native and I moved to the Fraser Valley in 2016. After living in Chilliwack for only 2 weeks, I joined the Abbotsford Trail Running Club and became completely immersed in the trail running community.

By day, I'm a microbiology and molecular biology laboratory science officer but you can, without fail, find me on the trails every single weekend sweating out that hard mental work. Since age 9, I've been running on cross country teams and track teams and started running longer distances competitively in 2011. My first marathon was in the Swiss Alps and since that day, I have been training for, and running, long distances. In 2015 I raced the Boston Marathon and last year I completed my first 50 km ultra marathon.

I know that all runners are different and each person deserves a personalized approach to their training. I know what it's like to have a big goal, fail, train harder, and meet that same goal the next year. My coaching style is all about enjoyment in the sport and preventing injuries so that you can run your best race yet.

Together, Jenny and I use both of our scientific backgrounds paired with our running experience so that we can create the most up to date training plans for all of our athletes. We want to build something that suits you, that works for your lifestyle, and that can get you where you want to be!


Katrina Abram

  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

  • Standard First Aid & CPR-C

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • Trail Running Clinic Leader for Garrison Running Co. Trail Clinic 2017

  • Youth Trail Running Clinic Volunteer 2017 + 2018 - Abbotsford Trail Running Club

  • Rock n' Roll Marathon Series Ambassador, 2014-2016

  • The Running Room Half Marathon Clinic Leader, 2011-2013


Road PB's:

  • Half Marathon Personal Best: 1:38:47

  • Full Marathon Personal Best: 3:29:29

Top Trail Races of note (a fun rotating list):

  • Run for Water 25km Trail, 2018 - 1st place female, Course Record

  • Whistler Alpine Meadows 25km, 2018 - 2nd place female

  • Orca's Island 50 mile, 2018 - 4th place female

  • Run Ridge Run 25km, 2018 - 5th place female

  • Buckin' Hell 50km Relay, 2017 - 1st place female team (with Jenny!)

  • Around the Lake Giv'r Take 30km Relay, 2016 - 1st place female for the 13km relay leg







Jenny Quilty

  • Master of Occupational Therapy

  • Bachelors of Physical Education and Recreation

  • Standard First Aid & CPR-C

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • PADI Scuba Diving Certification

  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification

  • Trail Running Clinic Volunteer - Garrison Running Co. Trail Clinic 2017

  • Youth Trail Running Clinic Coordinator - Abbotsford Trail Running Club

  • Board of Directors - Abbotsford Trail Running Club

  • 5 Peaks Ambassador - BC Race Series


Road PB's:

  • Half Marathon Personal Best: 1:34:51

  • Vancouver Sun Run 10km: 40:10

Top Trail Races of note (a fun rotating list):

  • Squamish 50/50, 2019 - 1st overall, Course Record: 16:00:33

  • Wy’East Wonder 50 mile - 2nd place female, 7th overall

  • Cap Crusher 12km - 1st female, Course record, 2nd overall

  • Run for Water 50km Trail, 2018 - 1st place female, Course Record, 2nd overall

  • Diez Vista 50km, 2018 - 4th place female

  • Squamish 50/50, 2017 - 5th place female

  • Gorge Waterfalls 100km, 2017 - 9th place female

  • Run Ridge Run 25km, 2017 - 2nd place female

  • Finlayson Arm 50km, 2016 - 5th place female

  • Whistler Alpine Meadows 50km 2016, 3rd place female




We are proudly sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition. Specifically, the Herbalife 24 sports line.

A few of the products that we use for training include:

  • Prepare

  • CR7 Drive

  • Formula 1

  • Rebuild

  • Protein bars

We are connected to Herbalife through Cynthia Robinson in Chilliwack, BC, who promotes living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and being active!

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