Individualized Full Time Coaching 

$150 per month | 4 month minimum commitment

For runners who are looking to take the next step in their training and racing and who are looking to maximize their training time and efficiency.  We work with people of all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. We strive to challenge each athlete to forget any limits they may have placed on themselves and show everyone what they are capable of.

Each month, you will be provided with a personalized training plan detailing your workouts. Jenny and Katrina will draw from both of their scientific education backgrounds, recent research, and running experience so that they can optimize your plan specifically to meet your running goals, whether they be running your fastest road marathon to crushing your first ultra to beating your own personal best.

You can expect quick response times from us by email as well as phone consultations when you need to talk things through. 

Other Perks?

  • Strength training program included with running program

  • Final Surge training log account

  • Discounts on our Adventure Runs and Weekend Retreats

  • Goal planning

  • E-mail access

  • Good old fashioned support


Customized Training Programs

$175 | 16-week training program

Personalized for you, we will design you a 16-week training program for your goal race. This is for the athlete who isn't ready to commit to full time coaching but who wants a personalized 16-week program to help train for any goal race. We have experience making training programs that range from road running programs (5 to 42 km) to trail programs (5 to 100 km) and multi-day stage race programs.


Let's Get Started! 

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Whether you're looking to work with us directly or train online with us, the first step is getting to know you. Knowing your goals, strengths, and challenges will help us shape your training program.

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