Trail Posse - Chilliwack

Photo from: Founder Alyssa Watkins

Photo from: Founder Alyssa Watkins


Where women come together to celebrate community and fuel their sense of adventure:

Trail Posse was founded by Alyssa W. in December of 2016 as a way for women to bond on and off the trails with like-minded, local women in and around Chilliwack, BC. With time and various transitions Trail Posse became part of Pacific Pine Running Co. and continues to hold the same values set by Alyssa the amazing community that has developed with her work.

Currently the facebook community has over 400 runners, walkers and hikers! We connect to encourage one another to go out and explore our beautiful forests and mountains in groups of two or more women, leaving no one behind and embracing challenges in distance, speed and stamina together.

All runs are free, women only, and reading and agreeing to the pinned Disclaimer is a must! Please see the facebook group if you are interested or message us through email at

Follow along on our adventures through Instagram @trailpossechilliwack