Breaking Trail

Do you sometimes wonder what is holding you back from a goal of from trying something new?

In work, running, and other areas of life I have found myself pondering the big question of 'why not' at a few different points. There are often so many answers that come to mind when I ask myself that question. Why not (insert any question about life here), and answers about money, time, qualifications, and certainty all come up so quickly. 

I feel like I am a fairly reflective person, after all I can keep my mind entertained and busy for hours on end as an ultra runner. So I have spent a good amount of time generating ideas of what I want out of life, what sparks and keeps my interest, and what truly motivates me at a deep and personal level. At the end of the day the list is simple: community, health and wellness, and personal growth. I think it is the connection between these three core values and trail running that have brought me to find the answer to my question of 'why' co-create Pacific Pine Running Co. 

'Why not' comes to mind in so many aspects of life, but sometimes it is just as important to know why. When challenges arise, be it mid-race at any distance, or deciding to complete a new course debunking the why-not's will help to find the bravery to start, but the why is what will positively carry you through. So, going back to the passion and inspiration to start Pacific Pine Running Co., it came from spending enough time challenging the why nots and deciding to focus on the why. To me this endeavour is about supporting others to make that step and break trail. We are here to expand the trail community, increase accessibility to local trail systems, build strong and personal connections with those who are trying something new or continuing on their journey of trail running, and to give something back to those who make this community all that it is. 

Over the years and through different experiences in trail running I have had the great fortune to meet some truly amazing an inspiring people. Many of these people have shared training plans and knowledge with me at stages where I was learning to train for different distances, others have offered immense encouragement and support that carried me through tough training blocks or even an unexpected vertical section of a race. The idea of being in a position to offer this support to others is what fuels me to spend time getting people onto the trails. The supportive environment of the local trail community has undoubtedly contributed to my success as a runner and taught me invaluable lessons fostering personal growth. 

I debated all the why not's, and I still do. The biggest hold-back has been wondering if I am ready and if I am prepared to start something new, but just like any big goal if you wait until the timing feels right, it may never happen. Once I spent more time thinking about why, I knew instantly that this was the right move. I am beyond thrilled to be sharing trail running and all it's lessons with you and can't wait to share other goal setting tips and tricks that push you past all the lousy why not's and towards finding your why. 

Comments, questions, or reflections are encouraged (below) 

- Jenny