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8-Week Trail Running Clinic

April 2020


We will be hosting our annual 8-week clinic in spring of 2020 that will lead up to our trail race at Bear Mountain in Mission, BC. Registration for the clinic will be available early 2020. The clinic will lead up to our 21km trail race and run on Saturday mornings at 8:00am from various locations (mostly Mission and Abbotsford). We look forward to sharing these beautiful trails with you!




• Saturday “long runs” to get you ready for your 21 km trail race
• Fuelling and hydration advice
• Training plan review and recommendations

• No one is left behind
•Practice running on the race course!
• Help with trail maps and apps for independent training
• Coffee and treats provided at every run


What our clinic offers

  1. The Saturday “long run” will include at least three leaders (including the two of us) who will provide guided runs in and amongst the Misson (Bear and Red Mountain) and Abbotsford (Sumas Mountain) trails.

  2. Training plan review/recommendations can also be provided. Clinic participants will have the opportunity to bring their pre-developed training plans and calendars to us (either or both) and we will help with recommendations or adjustments. This can be arranged for either prior to or after a group run.

  3. Free coffee and healthy(ish) treats provided after every run!


Prepare for your clinic

Clinic runs will take varied amounts of time, increasing thoughout the program. You'll want to be as prepared as possible for these runs so we've outlined some of the 10 Gear Essentials for Trail Running (with a few modifications for this clinic) below.

1 – Clothing

The clothing on your body should fit well and be free of annoyances that might grow with every step. Choose proper trail running shoes for your environment and quality socks. Also, be aware that the mountain weather can change at any moment so having an extra wind breaker or raincoat is strongly recommended.

2 – Water and Food (and electrolytes)

Hydration pack or water bottles are a must for any run out on the trails. And don’t forget calories! 100 – 300 calories an hour is best if you can stomach it on the trail (if not we have tips for this) Electrolytes, in the form of drinks are recommended as well. Participants must pack sufficient water for safety on group runs. 

3 – Hat/head protection

A brimmed hat or a buff is recommended to protect eyes and skin against wind, rain, and sun.

5 – Vest/Pack

Specialized running vests can carry water and gear in a perfect package. Not everyone carries a pack, but on longer runs where more gear, food, and water is needed, we’ve found a vest-pack to be a solid option.

6 – Headlamp/illumination

If your run is anywhere close to nightfall, pack a small, light headlamp just in case you end up behind schedule. A second, handheld light source is a great backup to bring along too.

7 – signaling device, first aid kit, pocketknife

A good whistle. A good first aid kit (at least a 1 person kit). A knife. 

8 –Fire starter

Waterproof matches and lighters are small and light enough that I just keep one in my First Aid kit so I don’t have to think about it.

9. Navigation

Download apps and know where you're going. Lucky for you, we'll send these ahead of time.

10. Communication

Cell phones often won’t work in the backcountry, and when it's cold, their batteries might die. Be aware of that.

Tell someone you know where you are going and how long you think you'll be there. We call these "safety texts" and they can be a real life saver.





WHo this is for

This clinic is for participants who are looking to build their trail running strength, stamina, and speed with completely guided runs on the FVTR race course to prepare you for race day!


Participants can request a full refund after the first clinic run if it is not up to their expectations. After that, no refunds will be given.

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